MARKETING - PRINT - Illustration


Illustration - Booklet Mailer

The campaign for Professional Education uses illustrations of thought-provoking business metaphors to show how Professional Education classes help people transform themselves by providing them with the knowledge and skills they need to bring success to their careers and organizations. The design uses dark silhouettes of business professionals set against bold colors to reinforce the concept of standing out and making an impact.

The campaign for Lifelong Learning draws upon the idea that everyone has untapped abilities inside of them just waiting for the right opportunity to emerge. Through an ever-evolving array of timely and time-tested classes. Lifelong Learning gives people just the opportunity they need to “bring out the best in you.” This message is conveyed through dynamic photos of people with interesting props and set over a vibrant color. Text integrated right over the top of each person reinforces the message that Lifelong Learning classes help people explore the interests and dreams that are inside of them.

These two campaigns have helped to brand Continuing Education at the University of Utah as one of the elite education programs in the country, creating high levels of awareness, recognition, and most importantly, increased enrollment.

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