Medsonix is a revolutionary way to treat pain and aid in the body’s natural healing process through therapeutic ultra sonic sound waves. To be free from pain is a big deal, liberating, hence our theme: “What will you do when you are pain free?”


The Medsonix website was created in September of 2014, in Adobe Muse. We had several goals going into this project: to be informative of the therapy system, encourage new customers, and gain Medsonix providers, while following the brand. Working closely with their marketing team we successfully met all goals and were very please with the end result.


Standing Banner - Poster - Flier - Brochure

Our print campaign is centered around a clear, simple description of the treatment, and strengthened by testimonials from individuals who have experienced the benefits. Exuberant, fist pumping visuals and sound-wave technology make for a supersonix brand.

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